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Your First Visit to Wellington Dental

We are always welcoming new patients at Wellington Dental! Here is what you can expect at your first visit to our London office.

A Review of Your Dental Care History

We will review your dental care history, as well as any concerns you currently have about your oral health. We recommend completing our new patient form prior to your first appointment if you can.

A Complete Oral Exam with X-Rays

We will perform a complete oral exam, including X-rays, in order to assess the overall health of your smile.

Open Communication

If there is something that you would like to discuss about your oral dental care, please bring this to our attention during your first visit. As a patient, you can expect open communication with every member of our team.

A Full Oral Health Plan

At the end of your first visit, we will prepare recommendations, which will include full oral maintenance, as well as the potential of additional dentistry services that you and your doctor agree upon. We strive to keep our patients up to date and educated regarding their care to ensure a full understanding of your dental care options.

Your First Visit to Wellington Dental, London Dentist

Cancellation Policy

Appointments are scheduled specifically for you. Our team will contact you one week prior and again one day prior to your scheduled appointment with a courtesy reminder. However, it is your ultimate responsibility to arrive for the scheduled appointment. We require a minimum of 2 full business days notice to change and/or cancel appointments.

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