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About Dr. Wael Nabhan

Patient comfort is of utmost importance for Dr. Nabhan.

Dr. Wael Nabhan, Wellington Dental, London Dentist

Dr. Wael Nabhan

Dr. Wael Nabhan graduated from the University of Aleppo I 1994. Dr. Nabhan completed his specialty in periodontology at the University of Damascus in 1996. After practicing high-end dentistry and periodontal at his own clinic in Aleppo for sixteen years, Dr. Nabhan moved to Egypt and became the principal dentist in the dental snow clinic for five years. Dr. Nabhan also is an active member of many organizations, including the Canadian Dental Association, Ontario Dental Association.

To maintain the highest quality of patient care, Dr. Nabhan regularly attends numerous continuing education courses each year. This enables his practice to grow in parallel with the evolving field of dentistry. His extensive training and experience in surgical extractions and the expanding field of implant dentistry empower him to use both science and art to create beautiful smiles for each of his patients.

His practice focuses on the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, surgical extractions, dental implants, bone grafts, sinus lift and endo molar. He enjoys spending free time with his wife and their three kids. His hobbies include photography, hiking, and exercise.

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